Patients depend on you to provide a Quality product. That’s why Quality and Compliance are fundamental in our culture. Ravian’s reputation is built on the high-quality products, we manufacture for our clients in a cGMP environment, as well as manufacturing practices that are WHO-GMP & ISO 9001: 2008 Certified.

Each facility is staffed with a team of highly experienced Quality Experts to ensure compliance. To assess and facilitate compliance, we regularly evaluate our own Quality systems and conduct reviews to identify issues that may affect our client’s product and service quality.

The Quality policy that is formulated by us, cause for commitment of every individual, Technological excellence, Timely delivery of products and continuous improvement. The buzz word of Quality extends over all levels and over all divisions of Ravian.

Our Inhouse quality control laboratories, Chemical & Instrument Analysis Labs, Pharmacology Labs are fully equipped with state-of-the-art instruments, like High performance liquid chromatography, Ultraviolet Spectrophotometer and all the best quality laboratory Equipments. The QC laboratory is equipped with sophisticated instruments like HPLC, UV, Visible spectrophotometer, Autotitrator, Analytical balance, pH meter, Conductivity meter and Stability Chambers, etc.

Instruments are supported with suitable software. Controlled room temperature is maintained in all necessary areas.

We manufacture pharmaceutical products, which will satisfy continuing needs of our customers. This will be achieved by application of sound Quality management System and adopting current Good Manufacturing Practices and complying all regulatory requirements.

While doing so, we shall keep in mind safety of our employees, all work processes as well as our natural environment. The company shall manufacture products of high quality, which shall be safe for human consumption and shall have consistent properties of dosage form.

We consider our human resources as one of the biggest asset. Our Qualified and Trained staffs are provided constant training to upgrade their knowledge and stay conversant with State–of–The-Art technology.

We value motivation amongst our personnel as an important factor to make them competent and Quality conscious. The Quality Assurance of the products is the obligation of the company and all the department of the company share it by keeping vigil while purchasing, maintaining, manufacturing and testing, distribution of its products.

The company shall make available all the requisite measures and resources to achieve the above goals.

Quality Control and Quality Assurance departments are located at the first floor of the manufacturing block. The Quality Control department has separate area for Instrumental Analysis, wet chemical Analysis, chemical storage and documentation.

Separate areas are provided for storage of control samples and placing of Stability Chambers.
Microbiology laboratory is maintained under aseptic conditions, where Microbial Testing is to be done under HLAF (providing class 100 working area).

The Q.A. Department is center for all the Documentation and Validation activities.
Quality Management system is designed to comply as per cGMP guideline with respect to self inspection, Water System, Environmental monitoring, Stability Studies, Annual Product Review, Training etc.

Q.A. Department is functionally responsible for implementation of all the cGMP and current regulatory requirements.

All the analytical test reports are reviewed and finally approved by the Head-Quality Control. Similarly, all the process related documents, Batch records, Validation test results, investigation results & non-conformance results are reviewed