The objective of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) is to protect the environment in which we operate and ensure the health and safety of our employees, community and interested parties. EHS is essential to enable the employees to perform the responsibilities efficiently for achieving the organizational Goal. Environment Health and Safety is a basic need for effective working. The goal of a Environment, Health, and Safety culture program at Ravian Life Science Pvt. Ltd. is to motivate associates to embrace health and safety as an organizational and personal value. Such an insight is achieved through the provision knowledge and tools by Ravian Life Science Pvt. Ltd.


Environment, Health, and Safety plays a very important role in Pharmaceutical Industry. The right Product, manufactured at the Right facility and under right environment, by the adequately experienced and qualified personnel using and maintaining equipment, systems and facilities to provide a health environmental and safe and hygienic working atmosphere.

Health Safety and Environmental culture at Ravian Life Science Pvt. Ltd. means that all associates are taking active measures pursuing at their utmost the prevention and/or avoidance of work related injuries, illnesses and incidents. Accidents are avoidable. Management and associates alike must ensure safe work places and work-processes.

EHS culture refers to one of the key pillars in occupational health environmental and safety. While the traditional hierarchy focuses on engineering controls, which are identified via workplace health risk assessments, another important factor involves the behaviors of associates and managers alike, at the workplace and on how the technical and administrative controls are implemented or applied.