Dr. Alok Shankar with association of eminent Doctors have created exceptional standards of care and concern to set up a State-of-The-Art Formulation Plant.

Ravian Life Science Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in the year 2005 as a Private Limited Company
Ravian has been granted, WHO GMP / ISO 9001:2008 – ISO 9001:2015, PPB KENYA & NDA UGANDA Certification to manufacture a wide range of Pharmaceutical Formulations with an assurance of Quality and Reliability. It is surrounded by Hills and Greenery to avoid the risk of contamination from External Environment.

We maintain the highest standards of Quality; the products meet relevant pharmacopeial standards and statutory requirements. In addition, the company ensures that all the steps involved in design, development and manufacture of a product leads to the intended level of quality performance in the market. This commitment to Quality requires us to ensure that our facility is geared up to provide the right environment, our personnel are trained and Quality conscious.

Dr. Alok Shankar with his rich experience of over decades in Pharma Industry, has taken Ravian to the market with sole objective to manufacture Quality Products and deliver them intime.

Customer Satisfaction
For Ravian, Customer Satisfaction is the yardstick to measure Quality of its Products and Services. Customer Satisfaction is our prime priority, which we have ensured by providing the best solutions that fulfill our Customer’s needs and expectations.

We are structured to allow rapid response to changing the market needs, with investment decisions based on our Customers requirements.

We inspire confidence in our expertise, such that our customers know that their job is being handled by the best in the industry and that the results will be delivered on time, professionally. Our extensive tailored services to suit individual client’s requirements ensured that their supplies are processed and dispatched on time with all appropriate documentation. Our Customers regard us as a valuable, reliable and trusted business partner; geared to meet their expectations in terms of confidentiality, timing, Quality, costs and providing added value.

Our most important assets are our qualified & dedicated personnel. Their extensive expertise in process-oriented project management provides responsiveness that makes a difference. All our sales and business development personnel are fully versed in the outsourcing requirements of a variety of complex project.

To reach our aim of gaining higher benefits, we employ well trained, motivated and focused employees, working on an independent and self – responsible basis.

We at Ravian thrive to have the most productive Team of People in terms of flexibility, efficiency, innovation and reliability to exemplify the spirit of co-operation and synergy.

Formulation & Development
We keep our research and development in line with our business strategy to drive our Pharmaceutical Business forward. The Quality of our Products is continuously improved by innovations in Production Processing, Analyzing, Documentation and Services. To achieve robust and efficient process qualification for scale-up, we make extensive use of Modern Tools. A well-equipped laboratory with State-of-The-Art equipment and our highly qualified staff, ensure Quality minded Production. Full Quality and Regulatory support is available for the Products.

Business Development
The ability to anticipate change and the foresight to help shape changes continuously as they emerge enhances our Success. Our strategy as a dedicated Contract manufacturer is based on providing a complete but flexible development and manufacturing package created through close interactive partnerships with our Customers.

Ravian enters into manufacturing agreements with medium to large sized sales and marketing organizations, which are specialist in branding, but want to out-source manufacturing. This strategy has proven to be successful and has enabled us to retain flexibility to meet the demands of the Customers without affecting security of Supplies, Quality and Services.
We combine unparalleled experience, a proven track record, technical expertise, financial security, high quality standards and superior management to ensure that our services match our Customer’s Expectations in every detail.